22.12.2016 г.
The leading Russian university, which trains specialists for the textile and light industry, the Russian State University named after A.N.Kosygin and domestic leader in the design and manufacture of high-tech non-woven materials -Termopol plants (TM Hollofayber) – have concluded a number of cooperation agreements. The main areas of cooperation will be the training of specialists in the direction of “Technology of non-woven materials” which increasing popularity in recent years, as well as organizing and conducting educational, industrial (including undergraduate) practice of students of the University in the direction of preparing undergraduate and graduate programs “Technology and designing of textile products.” An important part of cooperation becomes a joint research on the product line of non-woven products, which are most relevant for the implementation not only in Russia but also in EAEU countries. Plants of Termopol, with its significant experience of interaction with educational, testing and research centers and research workers, are ready to “move” part of the lectures and practical classes from the auditoria to the production halls and exhibition areas where innovative nonwoven technology is demonstrated. The parties have consolidated interest in conducting practical training of students and post-graduate students of the University based on Termopol plants, as well as professional development of teachers and employees of both organizations. The first seminar “Innovation, technology, implementation: non-woven materials of domestic production” took place on December 19 and was timed to the Day of memory of Alexei Kosygin, whose name the university has. Cooperation of the university named after A.N. Kosygin and of Termopol started back in 2006. Then the first group of teachers and students visited the new enterprise, established in 2004. Several patents, issuance of specialized publications, popular articles and reviews on the subject of non-woven materials, theses, personnel replenishment of the Hollofayber project, as well as a number of textile companies became the results of this interaction. In 2016, works of students of RSU named after A.N.Kosygin were rewarded on design and costume sewing technology contests. In 2017 “Hollofayber” celebrates the 20th anniversary of the brand, and will invite students and teachers of RSU named after A.N. Kosygin to implement 3 projects of the now famous “Jar of ideas”, which implies the introduction of non-standard products using products of Termopol plants. According to the parties, such interaction of science, education, technology, and production is aimed at the revival of the leading role of the domestic textile and light industry, as well as maximizing  the involvement of the Russian population in the social employment program “Let’s sew – we will live!”, initiated by Termopol in 2015.
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