RUSSIAN HOUSE textile company to present its products at the INTERFABRIC exhibition

17.11.2017 г.
‘Russian House’ textile company (Ivanovo) became a participant of the 4th International exhibition INTERFABRIC-2018.Spring. ‘Russian House’ has been working on the Russian textile market since March 1992. Starting the business as a distributor of the textile complex of the Ivanovo region, then a tolling partner of the enterprises of the industry, and in the late 90s – also as a cotton trader, the company simultaneously was developing as a production complex. This, without exaggeration, became a worthy challenge to such a difficult period in which the Russian light industry ended up shortly after the collapse of the USSR. РУСДОМ-3 To date, the ‘Russian House’ carries out a full cycle of production and trade: from the supply of raw materials to the sale of finished products. The company is the owner of Furmanovsky Weaving Factory No. 1 LLC and the ‘Krasny Oktyabr’ finishing factory. For all time of its existence, ‘Russian House’ has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality textile products of various assortment including cotton products (twill, diagonals, calico, flannel); stern, bleached, smooth-colored, printed fabrics. And also a wafer fabric and a mat. High demand is invariably presented for the entire product range of the ‘Russian House’, thanks to the quality parameters of the products produced, the flexible pricing policy of the company and strict compliance with contractual obligations to the clientele. In 2006, ‘Russian House’ participated in the ‘First Investment Forum of the Ivanovo region’, held in the building of the Government of Moscow. Exhibiting on this forum with an extensive stand, the company, explains the head of sales department of the company Irina Barantseva, set the task to demonstrate that the textile industry continues to hold the primary importance for the economy of the region, that this city-forming industry is developing and is building far-reaching plans. The main emphasis in the exhibition was made, according to I. Barantseva, on the presentation of fabrics for special clothing, as well as on the development of the ‘home textiles line and the organization of garment production. Over the past time, the production volumes of these types of products have increased, and their sales have increased beyond the region.    IMG-d40aa5b03585dbaee50cf07aa3d73e24-V At present, the ‘Russian House’ plans to increase the production and sales of moleskin. This heavy-duty material, made from thick cotton yarn using the special satin weave, enjoys growing demand both in the domestic and foreign markets. Thus, the product range of products produced by the company, which is already very diverse, will soon be expanded. And to the register of the above-mentioned advantages, characteristic for the products of the ‘Russian House’, it is necessary to attribute the fact that “the fastest execution of orders and payment by installments with long-term cooperation are guaranteed,” I. Barantseva notes. ” In the near future, the company plans to implement the following priority areas in its investment and technology policy: – further improvement in the quality of fabric finishing; – implementation of modern technologies for management, production and promotion of products with the aim of forming an integrated textile holding with a developed infrastructure; – continued modernization of equipment at all stages of the production cycle: from weaving to the production of finished products. The fulfillment of these tasks will undoubtedly strengthen the position of the ‘Russian House’ company in the table of ranks of the Russian textile industry and, accordingly, on the domestic market of light industry products. You can get acquainted with the company’s products at the ‘INTERFABRIC-2018.Spring’ exhibition, from March 20 to 23, 2018, at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, in pavilion No. 3, the B-25 stand.
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