28.04.2020 г.

Last week, the production of protective suits was launched at the BTK Group sewing factory in the city of Shakhty (Rostov Region). During this time, more than 1 thousand items were sewn at the factory. On April 27, BTK Group received a registration certificate from Roszdravnadzor for this type of product.

Products are already on sale. Part of the kits will be delivered by order of medical institutions in the Rostov Region.

The suit has a high level of barrier protection and is completely tight. The product is lightweight and can be used for work in ‘clean rooms’ and sterile rooms of the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as for work in laboratories. The costume is made of synthetic fabrics with polyurethane coating manufactured by BTK Textiles.

The BTK Group sewing factory in the city of Shakhty, where the lines for the production of protective products are currently deployed, is equipped with the most modern equipment, including for gluing seams, which ensures the tightness of the products. 

The power lines on the site allow you to produce more than 3 thousand costumes weekly. To date, orders for 20 thousand sets have already been received.

All BTK Group enterprises operate in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare: factory employees are provided with personal protective equipment, disinfection of premises and workplaces is carried out on a system basis, and employees are constantly monitored. Employees with symptoms of SARS are not allowed at the workplace.

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