17.11.2016 г.
“INTESA” was founded in 1989. It is not a textile industry and it is not a wholesaler; it is a “CONVERTER”. It offers a wide assortment of fabrics with particular attention to the connection “CREATIVITY – PRICE – SERVICE” to garment makers and wholesalers of women’s wear. “INTESA” supplies the best news of the fabrics and color trends, giving the service of advice in fashion, anticipating trends and caring of the global customer service constantly. “INTESA” has found the right balance between Italian textile productions and those of the Far East, of South-East Asia and of the Middle East, answering in this way to the requests of reasonable prices for an in taste and creative qualified production. The service that offers “INTESA” to its customers of garment makers and wholesalers, offers them as well to make the long-term programs in order to satisfy the requirements of the “Pronto Moda”, which means an economic result.
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