Printing on natural fabrics from ‘Zolotoy Gus’ TM LLC

04.07.2018 г.
Many domestic manufacturers of textile products are developing a new range, based on demand in the domestic and foreign markets. That is, of course, with the approbation and the subsequent introduction of innovative production technologies. All this requires considerable financial costs, but they pay off by strengthening the positions of manufacturers in the market of goods of the light industry, and, therefore, increasing their competitiveness in this market. Among these companies  there is ‘Zolotoy Gus’ TM LLC (Klin, Moscow region), which is one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of children’s range, which, in turn, is constantly expanding in line with consumer demand.  The company is also specialized in printing on natural fabrics. Flexible pricing policy of the company, high quality of its products and strict observance of contractual terms – one can say, it’s a united visiting card of ‘Zolotoy Gus’ TM LLC. General Director Elena Sukhareva told us about the main directions of production activities and technologies used by the company. – “The company ‘Zolotoy Gus’ TM LLC was established in 2000. It is the largest manufacturer of textile products for children and newborns in Russia. Over the years our customers, and their number are constantly growing, were able to see the excellent quality and design of our products. In 2014 we opened a new direction – printing on natural fabrics. The proper quality of the products can not be achieved without high-tech support, therefore the equipment of the world-famous Italian brand REGGIANI is used in our company: it is a machine with the possibility of printing up to 240 cm wide and up to 2000 linear meters per day. The whole technological chain of equipment is unique and specially selected for working with natural fabrics, including silk, linen, as well as with different types of knitted fabrics. Especially for work with knitwear, we purchased the line by its natural shrinkage, which allowed our customers to get the fabric from our company completely ready for work, without additional corrections for shrinkage. Also, we are ready to offer customers of the company printing on natural fabrics, which are available in our warehouse, as well as printing also on the natural tissues of the client. ‘Zolotoy Gus’ TM LLC has a closed production cycle, all preparatory and finishing work is carried out directly from us. This allows you to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time and, which is very important for the clientele, the minimum cost for printing on natural fabrics in Russia. These products will also be exhibited at the upcoming “INTERFABRIC” exhibition”. You can get acquainted with the company’s products at the “INTERFABRIC-2018.Autumn” exhibition  from August 27 to August 30, 2018, in the Expocentre Fairgrounds, in pavilion 3, stand B21.
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