21.11.2016 г.
Sprintex is a textile converting company, created in 1990 in France, and specialized in printed fabrics for confectioners, wholesalers and chain stores. The company has 36 employees. The company’s strength lies in its ability to create, to produce and to supply quality fabrics with optimum turnaround times. In order to satisfy clients’ expectations efficiently, Sprintex has its own creation department where fashion designers conceive and modify drawings. The business divided into two parts: the long run and the short run. The soar of chain stores significantly changed fashion business. To face the expansion of short run business, fashion designers must be responsive and continuously propose new drawings according to the last market trends. However, the company wants to maintain its work on long run market and keeps developing different collections seasons after seasons. On this market, the company has a good reputation thanks to its capacity to anticipate the demands. The company sells 1 000 different drawings each year. Sprintex exports its products to 54 countries, 62 agents work for Sprintex all over the world.
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