Petromix": the very quality of the request from customers has changed at the INTERFABRIC exhibition.

12.10.2023 г.

The Petromix company is a permanent participant of the INTERFABRIC exhibition, which confidently occupies a leading position in the Russian textile market. 

Fabrics for outerwear, costume and clothing group of fabrics, applied materials, furs, eco–leather, raincoat fabrics - the company's assortment is very wide and diverse.

The company's novelties are traditionally presented at the INTERFABRIC exhibition – for example, a year ago Petromix presented eco-leather and ecomech at its stand, in the autumn season of this year – new collections of costume and raincoat fabrics, as well as permanent positions from suppliers from Europe.

"Our company offers the market fabrics for casual clothing of all types and related materials," the company says. – To date, we have products from both manufacturers from Asia, as well as fabrics and applied materials from European suppliers."

Representatives of the Petromix company, speaking about the advantages of the INTERFABRIC exhibition, note the very convenient location of the exhibition pavilions and the opportunity to choose a convenient and mobile stand.

"In the autumn of 2023, each of the days of work at the exhibition was full–fledged: the flow of customers was constant and uniform, there was no crowding of visitors during daytime hours," the company's employees add. – The very quality of the request from customers has changed. This is a more targeted request, as specific as possible – most likely, this is due to the policy of the advertising campaign of the INTERFABRIC exhibition."

Petromix has been one of the leaders of the Russian textile market for more than 25 years and the largest supplier of fabrics and applied materials from Europe and Asia for the production of women's and men's clothing. The range of fabrics and applied materials of the company "Petromix" today has more than 5,000 items and is constantly being updated and expanded. In addition to coat fabrics, the company supplies costume and dress fabrics, artificial fur and suede, leatherette, and also supports a huge range of applied materials for various purposes. Long-term partnership with the largest manufacturers provides Petromix with a leading position in sales.

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