Partners of the RUSSIAN TEXTILE WEEK concluded an agreement on international cooperation

17.01.2017 г.
January 11, 2017 in Frankfurt (Germany) an Agreement on cooperation between the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry (SOUZLEGPROM) and Messe Frankfurt GmbH (Germany) International Exhibition company was signed. The signing took place at the Heimtextil-2017 international exhibition of home textiles and products for interior decoration. The organizer of the exhibition was the leading European exhibition company Messe Frankfurt. The President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry (SOUZLEGPROM), a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Andrey Razbrodin, vice president of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH Olaf Schmidt, director of Messe Frankfurt RUS Eugen Alles, a number of representatives of the leading domestic and foreign companies of light industry and the media took part in reaching the agreement and the signing ceremony. In his speech at a press conference after signing the agreement the president of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry (SOUZLEGPROM) Andrey Razbrodin emphasized that the document “provides for cooperation between the parties on the development of Russian textile and light industry, and holding joint communication and exhibition projects in Russia and abroad. Both sides are interested in such events. In particular, a number of measures aimed at supporting the Russian enterprises in the industry in Russia and abroad will be implemented. In addition, the parties intend to step up efforts to attract Russian industrial companies to participate in trade fairs. ” According  to A.Razbrodin and German partners, it is advisable to join efforts to ensure individual or collective participation of Russian companies in the textile industry professional exhibitions, organized Messe Frankfurt Group, as well as foreign companies in Russia, at the largest domestic exposure site Expocentre Fairgrounds. It was pointed out that starting next week the formation of applications for Russian textile companies for participation in international exhibitions will begin. They will be asked to form their stands and expositions in order to continue to receive state support in the face of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to reduce costs on these activities. This, A.Razbrodin emphasized, is needed to expand the possibilities of Russian companies on the presentation and promotion of products of the Russian light industry not only in Europe but also on the global market. The second part of this agreement, as estimated by press conference participants, is that “preparation for more serious coordination and cooperation in 2018 begins”. More specifically, upon completion of the planned exposition of technical textiles in 2017 preparation for Techtextil Russia and specialized symposium of 2018 begins, which are planned to be held in Russia on the territory of “Expocentre” “at a completely different application level.” As for the long-term goals for the aforesaid activities and plans, Russian textile workers, according to Andrey Razbrodin, are not interested in disparate exhibitions within the industry but in building a modern, comprehensive exhibition system in Russia. They hope that the cooperation with German partners in this area will make it mutually beneficial and interesting. In particular, in the sphere of exchange of modern technologies of textile production and further development of these technologies. It was also stated that the local producers are supported not only at the state level, but also on the part of regional governments in Russia. In general, the development of textile and light industry is aimed primarily at the joint solution of specific issues. That, in turn, will allow to create modern products of the industry that will meet demand, and expand their product range and marketing. Vice President of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH Olaf Schmidt and director of Messe Frankfurt RUS Eugen Alles pointed out the adjacent components of the textile and light industry, noting that the modern textile industry requires a thorough knowledge of both its structure and system planning. In this regard, past events like these, meetings, exhibitions and symposia promote active, integrated development of the textile industry and its sub-sectors. And, ideally, joint exhibition activities and mutually beneficial interaction of large textile enterprises and small businesses of Russia and Germany are possible. Effective ways for such cooperation are being sought The Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry presented Industrial stand of domestic manufacturers of home textiles – members of the Union – at the Heimtextil-2017 international exhibition. Also on the exposition of the largest national industrial association a series of business meetings and negotiations of Russian and foreign manufacturers and textile materials was held. As part of the growing business and information cooperation in the field of light industry between Russian and German partners – the participants and organizers of the Heimtextil-2017 exhibition it was agreed to organize a platform for a constructive business dialogue on the Russian Textile Week, which will be held from 20 to 24 February 2017 on the territory of Expocentre Fairgrounds.      
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