Ozcanlar: we choose INTERFABRIC exhibition to demonstrate our achievements and capabilities

20.10.2023 г.
Ozcanlar.jpgA regular participant of INTERFABRIC exhibition, the Turkish company Ozcanlar attracts a lot of attention of visitors every season with exclusive stands, a wide variety of the presented assortment, innovative developments and the latest collections corresponding to the latest trends of the world textile market. The autumn 2023 season was no exception.

"Our main specialization is the wholesale of knitted fabrics," says the Russian representative office of Ozcanlar. – At the exhibition "INTERFABRIC-2023.Autumn"at our stand, all samples of canvases were presented – starting from the culinary surface and ending with more complex canvases, such as jacquards, which are available in our warehouse in Moscow."

From year to year, the Ozcanlar team notes the growing effectiveness of participation in the INTERFABRIC exhibition, and therefore confidently declares its intentions to continue presenting its products at this exhibition site.

"We always choose INTERFABRIC to demonstrate our achievements and capabilities, because these exhibitions are held on a large scale, attract a large number of companies from different countries," the company shares. "In addition, the exhibition is very conveniently located geographically, which is a big plus for both participants and visitors."

Ozcanlar Tekstil has established its brand in the textile sector all over the world since 1974 thanks to the work of an integrated enterprise with an area of 366,000 sq. m, where a full production cycle is carried out – from yarn to fabric. The range of Ozcanlar Tekstil includes almost the entire range of canvases: footer, interlock, smooth-painted culinary surface, viscose, printed culinary surface, selanic, jacquard, pique, velour, ribana, kashkorse.

The knitting workshop, which was put into operation in 2013, produces both yarn and fabrics, as well as finished products of children's, women's, men's clothing using Multipage Intersi knitting machines - 1 million 200 thousand products of leading Turkish and world brands per year. There are also dyeing and spinning workshops at the factory, the application of a printed pattern (finishing), the painting of fibers and yarn is carried out.

The production is based in Turkey, in Russia it has representative offices in the Moscow region and in the city of Ivanovo.

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