Online translation of the Business program of the autumn INTERFABRIC-2018 exhibition (August 27-28, Business Hall) on the Youtube channel

03.12.2018 г.
On the official channel of SOUZLEGPROM of video hosting Youtube the online broadcast of the speeches of the participants of the Business program of the autumn exhibition INTERFABRIC-2018 (August 27-28, Business Hall) has been published:
  • Practical sessions,
  • seminars, round tables,
  • workshops, trainings.
Among the main themes of past events in the framework of the Business Program of the exhibition are: “Customs regulation of goods and products of light industry”, “Government support measures and market incentives for the development of enterprises of the domestic light industry”, “Technological features and design possibilities of fabrics. Prospects for the domestic market for printing on fabrics “and much more. The live stream is conveniently divided into separate videos for each session. You go to the channel, the information provided is especially useful and interesting to specialists and professionals in the textile and light industry. Access to the channel is free for everyone.  

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