24.05.2024 г.
OLDOS-COMPANY.jpgThis year, the OLDOS company brought to the exhibition of fabrics and textile materials "INTERFABRIC-2024.Spring" fabrics with bamboo fiber, which have antibacterial properties. Alternatively, such fabrics are offered for sewing medical workwear or for use in medical products, but they are also suitable for a wide range of other products. 

The OLDOS company was born out of a love of an active lifestyle, hiking, caring for people and a desire to "turn the world of children's walks upside down." The employees tested each stage of this journey on themselves and their children, whether it was a fleece scarf, a winter jacket or even a tent made of OLDOS fabrics. 

A team of like-minded people knows everything about outdoor activities and walks, comfort and convenience, technology and design, care and functionality. By the way, in the production of OLDOS products, technologies are used that save nature and ecology on our planet. 

At the “INTERFABRIC’ spring exhibition, OLDOS offered to get acquainted with fabrics containing bamboo fiber for sewing medical staff and casual clothes at its stand. 

The fiber obtained from bamboo has natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties, excellent hygroscopicity and breathability, as well as UV resistance.

What is good about medical clothing made of fabrics containing bamboo fiber? Bamboo is a natural antibacterial material. Bamboo fiber has special natural antibacterial functions due to the component contained in the stems of the plant and prevents their rotting. According to SGS research, 70% of the bacteria trapped on bamboo fiber die within 24 hours. And these properties are preserved in bamboo fiber fabrics even after fifty times washing. 

Bamboo is an eco–friendly and biodegradable material. Bamboo fiber is 100% natural cellulose fiber, and therefore a biodegradable textile material. The process of its decomposition does not cause environmental pollution. 

In addition, bamboo fiber has advantages such as breathability and high thermal conductivity. Clothes made of bamboo fiber can be called air-conditioned clothes: in it, the temperature in hot summer is one or two degrees lower than the temperature in ordinary clothes. 

We talked with Natalia Nekrasova, the head of the department, to learn more about new findings and the main vectors of OLDOS development.

 – Natalia, what tasks did you set for this “INTERFABRIC exhibition for your team? 

– First of all, we wanted to show the main product range and attract the maximum number of new customers, including meeting with old existing partners. Our main customers are manufacturers of outerwear and sportswear, workwear, fitness clothing, as well as corporate and medical uniforms. We consider ourselves advanced and innovative, as our specialists annually visit textile exhibitions in China and regularly interact with factories to bring in-demand goods to Russia. We constantly offer new products to our customers, studying and importing interesting products, including three-layer membranes, which we were the first to bring to Russia. We are also working on introducing three-layer membranes to the market, which have not yet found wide distribution. By the way, we pay a lot of attention to environmental friendliness of production, sustainable development of the enterprise – this is a global trend. And our company uses recycling technologies in its production. 

– What is the uniqueness of your product range? Which of his positions are most in demand in the market?

 – OLDOS company offers a wide range of fabrics for sewing uniforms and corporate clothing, as well as workwear for employees of various industries. In order for workwear to meet its purpose, it must be sewn only from the appropriate fabrics. The quality of the company's materials is confirmed by the results of laboratory tests and certificates. The fabrics produced by OLDOS have high strength and wear resistance, excellent protective functions and comply with GOST requirements. High-quality fabrics made of cotton and/or polyester fibers in various compositions, durable and wear-resistant materials with minimal shrinkage allow you to create first-class workwear for almost any customer requirements. This applies not only to workwear or sportswear, but also to a number of other products that the company can produce by fulfilling requests for specific characteristics of collections and product functionality. 

– Which of the new products were presented at the stand this spring? 

– This year we have brought fabrics with bamboo fiber, which have antibacterial properties. We suggest using them in medical products, but they are also suitable for a wide range of other products, since medicine is far from the only industry where such fabrics can be used. Due to its structure, bamboo fiber is characterized by the presence of micro cavities, which allows the absorbed skin sweat to evaporate quite quickly. Bamboo fiber clothing creates a good microclimate that regulates body temperature. And fabrics containing bamboo fiber are particularly soft, so it is especially pleasant to wear clothes made of them. 

– How does OLDOS firmly hold the banner of an innovator company, an industry trend maker? Does it help you that you develop your client and expand his range, thereby ensuring your growth as a business?

 – One of our main advantages is that we can help those people who do not fully understand what they want – for example, they have a desire to sew something, but do not really understand how to do it. We adapt to their needs and offer a solution or create the necessary things on request. Our unique offer is an attentive approach to any client's request. We try to provide our managers with the proper level of expertise, constantly train them and strive to ensure that they are not just sellers, but real experts in goods and services who understand what can be sold and what is better not to offer in order to avoid undesirable consequences for customers.

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