25.05.2017 г.
From May 1 to May 4, 2017, within the framework of the business mission of the Nizhny Novgorod Chamber of Commerce and Industry to Armenia, Julia Burovnikova, the first deputy director of ZAO Trud, took part in negotiations on cooperation in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry for Emergency Situations and the Police of Armenia.
According to Yulia Burovnikova, Nizhny Novgorod ZAO Trud plant, which specializes in the manufacturing of clothing items, military items, military uniforms, equipment, belts, protective covers for large-scale equipment,clothes for special purposes uniforms, clamps, metal fittings and hardware, intends to expand its zone of presence in the Republic of Armenia.
“To date, the company has more than 30 partners in Armenia, there is a major dealer – Avagagroup LLC, which sells plumbing, worm, power clamps of our production. All partners highly appreciate the consistently high quality of the products produced by the plant. Confirmation of the quality of the products is the presence of patents, certificates of conformity, a certificate of quality management of system GOST ISO 9001-2011 of ZAO Trud. In recent years, the factory has created a unique engineering infrastructure, monthly purchases new high-tech equipment, there is a team of highly skilled employees in the number of 790 people.
Currently, more than 17 226 companies are the partners of ZAO Trud. In addition to Armenia, the plant’s products are supplied to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Korea and Cuba- according to Julia Burovnikova.
ZAO Trud is a supplier of clothing for the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry for Emergency Situations, the Federal Security Service and other agencies in Russia, and has an impeccable reputation, and has not have a single note in the last five years of supply. Confirmation of the reliability of the plant as a supplier, and of the high quality products, is an ever-growing income under government contracts. According to the official SPARK program, the revenue of ZAO Trud from 376 million rubles in 2014, increased to 427 million rubles in 2015 and 832 million rubles in 2016. The index of payment discipline is the highest indicator of 99 — 100, – emphasized Julia Burovnikova.
According to her, in 2016, ZAO Trud presented uniforms for the armed forces at the ArmHiTec international armament and defense technologies exhibition in Yerevan, where the summer and winter uniforms were presented, as well as belts for servicemen and backpacks. Then the wishes of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia were taken into account in the presented list of products, which is now under consideration by the Defense Ministry of Armenia. Negotiations were also held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia, where the plant intends to offer fully certified firefighters’ clothing and fireman’s gloves, as well as any products that may be in demand today. Police of the Republic of Armenia may be interested in anti-shock shields, uniform outfits, cases for special means, holsters, tablets.
“If we are trusted by state structures, then we are ready to supply the highest quality products to the security agencies of Armenia. We want to become a reliable supplier for many years, to develop Russian-Armenian economic cooperation, “noted Yulia Burovnikova.
ZAO Zavod Trud (Nizhny Novgorod) is a Russian leader in the production of clothing items, military products, military uniforms, equipment, belts, protective covers for large-scale equipment, clothes for special purposes and uniforms, clamps, metal fittings and hardware.
ZAO Trud has a huge production, technical, intellectual and human potential, which serves as a guarantee of confident work, further growth and development.
The plant was founded on June 22, 1893 and has a more than 120-year history of development. From the handicraft production at the corner of B. Cross and Dalnaya streets, having transformed on February 27, 1918 into the workshop of the tin products of the Trud Association, a powerful enterprise of ZAO Trud was developed.
The square of ZAO “Zavod Trud” is 3.48 ha. The company has a staff of 790 people, high-tech equipment and its own production facilities (mechanical, galvanic, powder painting, instrumental, assembly, sewing), which allows to produce high-quality products in the shortest possible time. At each stage of production, all products are subject to inspection by the OTK, which excludes the presence of defects and / or inconsistencies between the specifications or GOSTs.
The company is a member of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile And Light Industry (SOUZLEGPROM).
The stand of the company is presented at the INTERFABRIC-2017 exhibition.
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