NIPROMTEX: one of the industry flagships

24.12.2018 г.
March 19-22, 2019, the International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials INTERFABRIC-2019.Spring will be held at the Expocenter. Among its participants is Nipromtex LLC (Kursk Region, Zheleznogorsk). For almost 30 years, Nipromtex LLC has been one of the leaders in the production of geotextiles and nonwoven fabrics in Russia. The company’s own production is characterized by a wide range of products that enjoy growing demand in the domestic and foreign markets due to the strict observance of contractual obligations, consistently high product quality and flexible pricing policy of the enterprise. The range of goods produced consists of 4 main blocks:
  • Padded non-woven materials: insulation for clothing (UMKA, Smart Heat, OPTIMA, NOVA), industrial insulation and sound insulation (Comforoll C), furniture layers (Comforoll M), padding polyester, filter materials;
  • Needle punched nonwovens: GEOMANIT 28, foundations for the production of coatings, automotive components, shoe and duplicate materials;
  • Sleeping accessories: quilts, mattress covers, pillows for sleeping and decorative with synthetic fillers;
  • Weaving and finishing production: fabrics of plain and twill weave, dyeing fabrics and impregnation.
 NIPROMTEX was the first in the USSR to master the production of a padding polyester in 1986, and in 1988, it was again the first to organize the production of sleeping accessories for IKEA: this mutually beneficial cooperation continues today. In 2009, a high-performance technological line for the production of needle-punched nonwoven materials was pu t into operation, within which the production of geotextile and the foundations for floor coverings was mastered. Recently, new types of products were introduced to the market – basics for artificial leather, cable tape, filter materials, materials for the production of automotive components, import-substituting geotextiles (GEOMANIT 28), and in 2015 a semi-automatic pillow stuffing line came into operation, the realization of which has now doubled. And in the same year, in connection with the industrial development of an ever-increasing product range, Nipromtex LLC was included in the list of producers who have a significant impact on the development of the industry. The capacity utilization of the company is stable – it reaches at least 90%. Literally in just a few years, Nipromtex has mastered new types of products that are in high demand: for example, calendered and laminated clothes insulation, filter materials, materials for sound insulation and building insulation, as well as “furniture mats”, materials for frameless mattresses. Today, the assortment of products includes more than 1,400 articles. In the context of import substitution programs, new types of nonwoven materials, technical fabrics with special properties and a number of other products have been successfully introduced and successfully implemented. August 28th of this year the conclusion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation was received on confirming the production of clothing insulators NIPROMTEX (UMKA, OPTIMA, NOVA, Smart heat) in Russia. This was preceded by successful testing of insulation in the FBU “CSM of Moscow region” (Sergievo-Posad branch) and the production audit of the Kursk Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the upcoming exhibition NIPROMTEX LLC will present, in particular, the basics for artificial leather; filter materials for corrugation and fabric for the manufacture of bag filters; high-tech insulation for clothing and bedding and products with these fillers; impregnated nonwovens; non-woven materials used in the manufacture of automotive components. You can get acquainted with the company’s products at the INTERFABRIC-2019. Spring exhibition from March 19 to March 22, 2019, at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion No. 3, Stand B27.  
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