Nipromteks- is a participant of the Industrial Development Fund program

02.12.2016 г.
The Exhibitor of the International INTERFABRIC-2017 Exhibition which will be held on February 20-22, 2017, will be a member of the Industrial Development Fund (FPR) program, OOO Nipromteks. The head of the quality and marketing group Tatyana Snezhko tells about the plans of the company and its participation in the INTERFABRIC-2017 exhibition. Nipromteks for more than a quarter of a century has been one of the leaders in the production of non-woven fabrics in Russia. There are 4 divisions in the enterprise: manufacture of bulk heaters, flat non-woven materials, manufacture of garments and fabrics. In 2015, the company was included in the list of producers that have a significant impact on the development of the industry. The number of permanent staff is more than 400 people, about 70% of employees are women, every fifth employee has higher education. For the region, manufacturing that provides employment for women is a very important element of social stability. Throughout the company’s biography, the main engine of its development was the combination of a permanent professional team and high-performance equipment. This has always been and remains the basis for ensuring stable product quality.
Nipromteks started its activity in 1986, was the first in the USSR to master the release of the synthepone, and in 1988, again the first to start the production of sleeping accessories for the IKEA company, and this mutually beneficial cooperation continues now. In 2009, the production line for the production of needle-punched non-woven materials was put into operation, within the framework of which the production of geotextiles, bases for floor coverings was mastered. To expand the range, as early as 2014 the line was successfully modernized.
New types of products have been introduced to the market – bases for artificial leather, cable tape, filter materials, materials for the production of auto components, import substituting geotextiles (GEOMANIT 28). And in 2015, the release of finished products on the semi-automatic line for pillow packing started, while the sales volume doubled.
About 20 million rubles are spent annually for the modernization and improvement of working conditions. Now the investment project “Production of highly effective insulation for clothes using unique technology.” is in the implementation phase The development program is implemented with the financial support of the state (subsidizing the interest rate), its cost is 270 million rubles. And the amount of state support will be more than 60 million rubles. 54 names of new types of products manufactured on a modern automatic line have already been mastered.
In short, the years of 2000 is a time of technological modernization, a qualitative upgrade of the company’s range. New types of products – calendered and laminated clothing heaters, filtering materials, materials for soundproofing and building insulation, “furniture mats”, materials for frameless mattresses are mastered. Today, the range of products – more than 1400 items. Over half of the volume of finished products are intended for B2B companies.
In 2016 the capacity utilization rate is at the level of 88 – 95%, and the demand of the domestic market in relation to 2015 increased by 20%. In the context of import substitution, new kinds of non-woven materials, technical fabrics with special properties have been put into production and are being successfully realized.
At the INTERFABRIC-2017.Spring exhibition, Nipromteks will present its new products:
– bases for artificial skin
– filtering materials for corrugating, linen for the manufacture of bag filters
– high-tech insulation for clothing and bedding and products with these fillers
– Non-woven materials with impregnations – antibacterial (shoe), non-combustible (heaters, windproofing), antistatic (filtering)
– non-woven materials used in the production of auto components.
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