Modern Eco Furs

23.10.2017 г.
The Lafur company (Novosibirsk) has been working on the fabric market since 2000. Over time, the company occupied a niche of supply of fabrics and materials for headwear and outerwear, and became more and more specialized in supplying of artificial fur. Today this is the basis of the assortment. The modern media world forms an information field in which preference is given in favor of eco-furs. Specialists of the company, working with this product, observe the rapid evolution of the quality of modern eco-furs. The difference between today’s samples and those that were offered five years ago is simply surprising. It does look impressive in the finished product, outwardly perceived as a natural fur. The company has a huge assortment of “warehousing program”: more than fifty offers, a dozen and a half moutons, fur with long and short fibers, different in density, color, dubbed fur. In accordance with customers, Lafur Ltd. can organize an exclusive delivery of goods with specified requirements (texture, color, etc.).
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