03.10.2023 г.
medas-spiker.jpgMEDAS has been a leader in the knitted fabric market for more than 15 years. Regular updating of the assortment and tracking of color trends allows you to keep the largest color map available.

A personal manager is always in touch with the company's clients. For the convenience of customers, the office, warehouse and showroom are located in one place. Shipment of goods is possible immediately after placing an order.

About production, the importance of color, customer requests and recycling fashion, as well as about participation in the textile exhibition "INTERFABRIC-2023.Autumn" says Marketing Director Yanina Ryabtseva:

– All our canvases are presented in the same colors, so that customers can pick up different types of knitted fabric in the same color when composing the capsule. For example, we have a certain shade in the footer of two-thread, three-thread, kulirka, kashkorse and viscose, which makes it easy to create a capsule collection. You can sew a hoodie, a T-shirt, take a jacket lined with a hood, lined with pockets, garters.

We also make sure that all the canvases are the same shade from batch to batch. This is very important for customers. It happens that we buy fabric, we don't have enough of it, we contact the supplier in 2-3 months, and he has a completely different shade. In our production, we have been developing formulas for a long time. We work with our own color map, so the color is always the same.

The factories of MEDAS are equipped with high-tech modern equipment, which makes it possible to produce not only standard canvases, but also to delight with textile novelties. The assortment includes both basic items and canvases with all kinds of treatments, high-tech impregnations and unique properties. The company is constantly expanding its warehouse line with the latest innovations in the fashion world.

– We work with clients of different levels, – Yanina emphasized. – These are novice designers who need to purchase some small volume here and now. We have warehouses for them in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Belarus. We also work with major manufacturers. They want to stand out in the market, and they have individual requests. So we produce the canvas to order.

Requests are different. For example, we have a permanent partner who always orders recycled polyester. We also receive orders from the Ministry of Defense – we made a canvas impregnated with insects. There are orders for the customer's own colors. At the moment, nothing is impossible for us, we can do everything to order.

It's no secret that now there is a request for recycling and upcycling materials. And MEDAS provides similar services. The production is certified in this direction, it is very important. Orders for recycling or eco-friendly are carried out a little longer, because certificates are made not for the legal entity of the fabric supplier, but for the client. MEDAS produces everything related to eco-products. This may be a share component, for example, 50% of processing and 50% of cotton. The trend towards environmental friendliness appeared 2-3 years ago, and these requests are still present.

According to Yanina, the INTERFABRIC exhibition is an important tool for attracting new customers:

– "INTERFABRIC" is still the most popular textile exhibition in Russia. The flow of visitors is stable. Since the foundation of INTERFABRIC, we have been exhibiting every season – in spring and autumn. I constantly keep statistics on incoming leads, and after each exhibition we have an increase.

More and more distant regions come to each exhibition. This year it's Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, and not just Moscow visitors. We are approached by many representatives of both young and start-up companies who are planning to launch their brand. But nevertheless, there are people we see at every exhibition, they are our regular customers, which is also very nice.

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