09.10.2023 г.
Magneq-Textile.jpgThe Moscow company Magneq Textile started its work seven years ago with wholesale supplies of fabrics in a wide range.

About the specifics of the company's work, the range of fabrics, competitive advantages, as well as about participation in the exhibition "INTERFABRIC-2023.Autumn" told the manager of the company Gritsenko Tatiana:

– We are a representative office of Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Indonesian factories. We import a lot of fabrics, but plain and colored linen is our main assortment. We also supply cotton of various types, cupra, noodles, staple, coat fabrics, sheepskin coat, fur.

We have a lot of interesting knitwear, velour, muslin, a lot of costume fabrics, as well as printed and plain fabrics.
Tatiana Gritsenko shared the news that the company is also moving forward in terms of expanding the range of companion fabrics:

– Now the issue of compiling collections of companion fabrics is being resolved. At the moment, if we take, for example, linen, we have both plain and printed. We try to select the same tones that we will have as companions with fabrics already available.

One of the powerful competitive advantages of fabric suppliers is always a rich assortment, the availability of goods in warehouses in Moscow or the Moscow region, as well as working with customers to order. Magneq Textile has a good service: specialists work with firms all over Russia, and if you need to make a delivery to a transport company, it is done for free for everyone. The "trick" of the company is to send free samples to customers, which not everyone can afford. This is possible because the company is the official representative of the listed factories.

– Recently, a lot of new young designers have been coming to us, who are just opening companies, – says Tatiana. – They may not be very well versed in fabrics yet, but we introduce them to the assortment, which they are very satisfied with. Our range and experience is again the same customer service. We can introduce newcomers to the world of fabrics and give them a flight of imagination and a vector for development with our assortment.

Tatiana Gritsenko shared her impressions about the professional textile industry exhibition "INTERFABRIC-2023.Autumn", as well as readiness to take part in the next:
– Almost from the very beginning, we have been a regular exhibitor at INTERFAABRIC. I really liked the autumn exhibition and left a good impression, thanks to the organizers! There were quite a lot of people at the exhibition, everyone is interested, everyone is professional, knowledgeable, positive. Everyone wants to see some new trends, and they are already looking forward to what will happen next year. For example, we already have a lot of fabrics that will be announced for the next collection.

Our stand was visited by visitors from all regions of Russia, we also have regular customers who come to our exhibition, whom we invite ourselves. Many customers visit us only once every six months, precisely on the days when the exhibition takes place, to get acquainted with the assortment and take samples, and then make orders from us, which is convenient for both them and us.

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