Loxy: quality in details

19.11.2017 г.
Loxy company  from Norway from a small company has transformed into a global sales network for 40 years with offices and manufacturing enterprises in Europe and Asia. Today the company is the main supplier of security solutions for the garment industry and produces reflective tapes. The composition of the Loxy® tape is based on the high coefficient of retro-reflective glass micro-balls, the polymer layer and the textile base for the product line for sewing. Loxy®Lite offers retro-reflective ribbons of different colors and widths to match them to any kind of application. Flexibility of the company in production allows us to choose the width of any reflective tape to satisfy the most stringent expectations of customers. The main clothing manufacturers use light-reflecting tapes in the production of sports, children’s clothing and clothing for rescue services. Manufacturers who seriously think about their products rely on Loxy, a brand you can rely on, which has been focusing on details for many years. They know that quality is the details. You can get acquainted with the company’s products at the INTERFABRIC-2018.Spring exhibition, from March 20 to 23, 2018, at Expocentre Fairgrounds, in pavilion No. 3, stand G-3.
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