KARFLORENS – a new participant of the exhibition Intertkan

25.11.2016 г.
KARFLORENS – is a production and wholesale company that has been successfully operating in the Russian market for more than 20 years. The company cooperates with major Russian manufacturers, and with leading international brands. The assortment of the company is male and female suit fabric (for producing of trousers, skirts, jackets, vests and dresses): suit poly viscose with / without lycra, cotton (100% cotton / linen, cotton / wool, cotton / poly viscose, cotton / lycra ), linen (100% linen / wool, flax / poly viscose and linen / poly viscose/ lycra), wool (100% wool mixture with / without lycra), suit knitting, bengaline, fabrics for school uniforms, fabrics for any uniforms. Factories of the company of full (from fiber to finished fabric finishing) and incomplete production cycle are situated in India, which guarantees the quality at every stage of production. Some basic fabrics are regularly supplied to the free market, a large number of poly viscose tissues is available, which allows to test the tissue promptly at any time and buy it without a long wait. Tissue samples from the presence may be sent to the office upon request.
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