Italian quality, style and fashion

13.07.2017 г.
Textus S.r.l. – a young and dynamically developing company, which, thanks to ten years of experience in the field of textiles, is able to offer its customers pronto moda and stock of high and very high quality products. An ideal resource for fashion schools, designers, fabric stores, wholesalers, clothing manufacturers who need a decent choice of fabrics. Textus satisfies the diverse needs of the customer and can become a real “treasure trove” for those who are looking not only for fashion, but also for style. Qualified selection of suppliers and selection of fabrics of Italian origin only from the best national and world manufacturers provides high quality standards. Thanks to cooperation with large local producers, as well as producers of northern Italy, Textus is also ready to offer its own line of regular fabrics collection under its own brand of medium-high and high quality, which includes both pure and mixed cashmere, with a full production cycle in Italy at a very competitive price. In the company’s assortment there are fabrics made from pure and blended wool of medium-high quality with various finishes (velor, drape, melton, boiled wool, articles with shine). The vast majority of the offered articles are used for the manufacturing of coat and jacket fabrics, with the possibility of working on design and final finishing with the technical office on the individual order of the client. A collection of coat fabrics is made from noble fibers such as cashmere, alpaca, angora, wool and mixed wool which are supplied from Prato and Biella and are complemented with fine wool articles with such compounds as pure wool and a mixture with elastane (most of which are made in District Biella), and can be used for tailoring jackets, suits and dresses, both classical and casual directions. From Como and Lombardy the company receives silk fabrics, both monochrome and printed, as well as jacquards and beautiful quality cottons that can be used for sewing of men’s and women’s collections: elegant and exquisite suits, jackets, dresses, blouses and so on. From the same area, from the well-known fashion houses, lace, embroidered fabrics and brocade come in. The collection of stock fabrics is also supplemented with articles of technical fabrics with elastane content, suitable for making jackets, raincoats and blazers, sporting and comfortable products. Knitted fabrics are supplied from Italian clothing manufacturers, who closely monitor quality and fashion trends, so there are always fabrics with different  processing, attractive design and colors. Textus also has fabrics ready for dyeing / printing, with the ability to dye / print as well as small volumes, work with colors and designs of customers.   You can get acquainted with the company’s products at the exhibition “INTERFABRIC-2017.Autumn”, from August 28 to August 302017, the Expocentre Fairgrounds, in Pavilion No. 7 Hall 2. For a free visit to INTERFABRIC, please register and print your personalized e-ticket: To register and become a participant of the INTERFABRIC exhibition you can  HERE …
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