15.09.2023 г.
intay-textile.jpgINTAY-Textile company began its history in 2006 with wholesale supplies of fabrics and accessories of economy class. By 2009, the company became a direct distributor of several Chinese manufacturers of materials, which allowed to expand the range of fabrics, reduce costs and reduce prices. About the specifics of the company's work, the range of fabrics, customer service and a new service – printing on fabrics using sublimation printing technology, as well as about participation in the exhibition "INTERFABRIC-2023.Autumn" says sales manager Ksenia Nikolashina:

– We are engaged in direct supply of fabrics from China. We bring directly all the items needed by the customer, accompany the cargo logically, control the quality and deliver everything to the client. We have our own office in China, we work closely with factories and can produce the necessary amount of fabric there according to all the characteristics of the customer.

We have a wide range of fabrics: jackets, suits, lining, for workwear, decorative. Our warehouse is located in the Moscow region, where we are engaged in sublimation printing. It can be applied to all our fabrics. We have a designer in our staff who will help transfer the company logo, sketch, and pick up colors on the fabric.

This year, the company "Intai-Textile" focuses on sports knitwear. It is very much in demand. We also develop the direction of home decor: voile, blackout, printing fabrics, satin. The Intai-Textile company is also ready to offer customers jacket and lining fabrics for the production of windbreakers, tank tops, jackets, capes, raincoats, trench coats, down jackets and other things.

In 2019, we started supplying sublimation printing paper to the Russian market under our own brand "Intai-Print". Now the company is engaged in the supply of equipment and all consumables for sublimation printing to Russia. We have also opened our own production, and for the second year we have been printing ourselves. We promptly deliver orders all over Russia.

Among the new products of the exhibition – under the INTAI-TRICOT brand, the company presented technological knitwear for the production of basic daily clothing "fake cotton jersey". It is a synthetic material, almost indistinguishable from cotton material by touch and appearance. But this type of jersey is better because it will last longer, does not peel, is easy to care for and is easily washed. And it almost does not crumple, which is very practical.

One of the permanent warehouse positions that are in high demand is gabardine, which is used both in the production of home textiles and for sewing workwear, uniforms for service personnel, catering workers, clinics and even in the production of business suits, fashionable skirts and dresses.

According to Ksenia Nikolashina, the professional industry exhibition "INTERFABRIC" opens up a lot of opportunities for cooperation with new clients, and also allows you to expand your horizons and see new horizons:

– We are participating in the INTERFABRIC exhibition for the third time. We bring out a lot of positive emotions from each event. Here we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the products of competitors. It helps us get better!

And we also had a second representative booth from our production, it was located in the Chinese zone at the autumn exhibition. There we represented Intai-supply company. And we can offer our customers more favorable conditions than a direct supplier for Russian production.

We were approached by visitors from Moscow, Ivanov, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk. At the exhibition, everything is gathered in one place, which is very convenient for us. Here we can find customers with small volumes of purchases, as well as those who need large deliveries directly from China. After the exhibition, new customers come to us. I am sure that we will continue to participate in the INTERFABRIC industry exhibition project.

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