Institute of Business and Design concluded a contract with the Thermopol plants

02.12.2016 г.
Cooperation of one of the leading Russian commercial universities in the field of design and business, preparing personnel for the textile and light industry – the Institute of Business and Design (, and the largest domestic developer and manufacturer of non-woven materials Hollowfiber – Thermopol company(, provides for partnership in several areas. “The B & D Cooperation Program, founded in 1995, and the Thermopol factories include theoretical and practical studies on production issues, the study of the properties, qualities and performance characteristics of innovative non-woven materials, on-site workshops in Moscow, joint participation in industry exhibitions, Development and pilot production of a variety of finished products: clothing, furniture, decor elements, etc. “, – says the rector of the Institute Sergey Yurov. “For us, this is an extremely important and very honorable experience of cooperation. It is important for us not only to show the listeners and teachers of B & D the new materials that have appeared. The main thing is to introduce them into new types of products that surround us, which we carry, which we serve, – says Victor Gontar, General Director of Thermopol factories. – Non-woven material in this sense is an excellent indicator of changes and interbranch relations: it is everywhere – from kindergarten to space. And we really want the new generation of designers and businessmen to learn correctly, with maximum advantage and efficiency, to use the innovations that we create in Russia. “ The results of the joint project will be shown as early as next year, at events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Hollowfiber brand in the framework of the exhibition and congress project the Russian Textile Week and the INTERFABRIC exhibition (
“The versatility of new non-woven materials allows you to work with them in an absolutely wide creative range: from the design of the costume – to the design of the environment. In the design workshops, students have already begun to implement their creative ideas with Hollowfiber non-woven materials and are preparing to participate in professional competitions, – reveals the secrets of the head of the “Design of Costume and Fashion” department, a well-known Russian designer, a member of the association of haute couture and pret-a-porter Russia, Member of the International Association “Union of Designers”, creator of the brand “SERGEY SYSOEV” – Professor, Sergey Sysoev (
For in-depth training of B & D students and teachers on non-woven subjects, it is planned to involve scientific and research teams and experts who have been interacting with Thermopol projects for many years.
“The material age is changing, people are changing, materials are changing. Literally before our eyes non-woven technologies transform life! It creates not only a new visual environment, but also a new information space. New materials are emerging, a modern material world with new properties is emerging, with a new feeling of comfort and warmth, but with the traditional foundations: “The main thing is inside!”, – reflects on the partnership Ph.D. Vladislav Ivanov, Project Development Director, Thermopol. “For the transformation of the world and human life, we gladly share with young designers and teachers of the institute part of our many years of experience, and very soon we will see the most incredible introduction of Hollowfiber materials into non-standard finished products!”
You can visit the first introductory seminar free of charge by appointment: Victoria Fedoseeva Time: December 7 at 15.00.
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