Igor Kim, SportTex company: we are not working for money, but for the development in the economy.

08.04.2022 г.
SportTex Company is a permanent participant in INTERFABRIC and the business program of the Russian Textile Week.

Founded in 1999, the company occupies a leading position in the Russian market among suppliers of fabrics and equipment for thread-free production from partner manufacturers of textile in China, Korea and Taiwan. Today it is one of the leading innovative companies in the field of industrial equipment for the garment industry.

"We started working in such areas as clothing for tourism and outdoor activities, as well as backpacks, sleeping bags and shoes," says Igor Kim, founder of SportTex, "After we smoothly switched to the production of casual clothing, applied equipment for thread–free processing of clothing parts by welding, and began to select fabrics for it. Now we have two interrelated areas – fabrics and equipment. My personal position is that I have to be unique in everything, so the company presents equipment that is not available on our market. Well, now that the borders have been closed I understand that this equipment will be in great demand, because there are no European analogues here, this segment turned out to be open."

The company supplies materials for the production of clothing for fishermen and hunters, sports and military purposes, tourist equipment, fabrics for the manufacture of textile shoes, bags and awnings, as well as Korean-made materials for fashionable children's, women's and men's outerwear.
When creating materials, modern types of finishes and treatments are used, thanks to which fabrics acquire oil-water-repellent properties, increased strength, reliable protection from water, wind and toxic pollutants. Using innovative technologies in the production of woven and non-woven products, the company is ready to offer a wide range of fabrics for various purposes.

sporttex2.jpgSince 2017 the company has been operating a Demonstration Center whose main task is to help industry manufacturers master new technologies and modern equipment. SportTex specialists provide consultations in the selection of materials and components for individual tasks, the center is regularly updated with new models, innovative technologies and methods are introduced. On the basis of the center training workshops and lectures on thread-free technologies in the production of clothing and equipment are held. The participants of the seminars are designers, technologists, production masters, machine operators. The founder of the company, Igor Kim, is a regular participant and expert of the technological conferences at INTERFABRIC, shares the experience gained over the years of managing a highly specialized business.

To the exhibition "INTERFABRIC-2022.Spring" the SportTex company has brought a novelty – ultralight jacket fabrics. "We have been engaged in jacket fabrics for a long time, and today we are ready to fill the market with popular ultralight materials," says Igor Alekseevich. "Since Uniqlo has left the market, this segment will no longer exist in Russia. And they presented, perhaps, the best ultralight nylon fabrics, about 30-40 grams, and they supplied these fabrics in huge volumes. Now we alone have a similar product, which means that it will be in demand. But I'm not even working for money, but so that we have at least some movement in the economy. You can't give up!"

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