12.07.2017 г.
The company Surya Group became a full member of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry. This holding is among the recognized world leaders in the production and trade of various light industry products. Branches of Surya Group cover the most important areas in the sphere of global turnover of these products, and only the product line that possesses high quality parameters is chosen. Including, for example, sewing accessories, various types of raw materials and fabrics, finished products, many other goods of textile assortment. Since 2013, the company is engaged in attracting the world famous brands to the Russian market, and the first pilot project in this area was Caterpillar (the lower and upper jersey). And in 2015, the company created its first own brand, Navlani, which represents a wide range of costume fabrics that are in high demand on the Russian market. In 2016, Surya Group became a representative on the territory of Russia and other CIS countries of the Indian company Raymond – one of the largest producers of woolen suit fabrics. IMG 7582 Surya Group is a family holding company. Business views of the Navlani family are the main code of the company’s work throughout its history. To be more precise, loyalty to the principle of mutual trust with an ever wider clientele and conscientiousness in the performance of contracts allowed Surya Group to continuously develop even in difficult world economic conditions. Mr. Ravi Premkumar Nawlani, owner and CEO of Surya Group, explained to us the main activities of the company and its plans for the Russian textile market. – Your company recently joined the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs  of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs: what prompted the company to this decision? What are the main directions of the company’s cooperation with the Union and its participants? – The entry into the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry is an important step in the development of the company. It is very gratifying to realize that along with other representatives of this Russian industry, we are ready to participate in new projects aimed at developing such an important sector as the textile and light industry, as well as promoting the products of these industries. What prompted this? First of all, we never stop at what has been achieved and are always ready for cooperation. Moreover, with such a large market as the Russian market. Possessing, in addition, high production potential in the light industry sector. And, as our practice shows, interesting joint projects and their successful implementation are becoming the result of our cooperation. – Is there a similar interaction between Surya Group and the associations of the light industry of other countries of the EAEU, the CIS? – In the future, the company has many new tasks, which also includes cooperation with profile associations of Belarus and other countries of the former USSR. We are an international company and, of course, it is important for us that we are in the specialized unions of other states. – Please tell us about the main stages of the formation and development of the company. – Our company is more than 50 years. The incipience of the Surya Group company began in 1963 in Dubai. And in Russia we appeared in 2001. Then, in 2008, we opened an office in China, in 2011 – in Belarus, in 2012 – in France. Surya Group is a dynamically developing holding company, working with the most popular areas of the economy. Today our company has offices in 5 countries and has stable business relations with more than 20 countries. Despite such a vast geographical geography, our entire team in Russia, Belarus, Dubai, China and other countries works as a single entity, united by one goal. – Your company actively participates in attracting world famous textile brands to the Russian market. What has already been accomplished in this area and what are the plans for the coming years? – It is worth noting that the Russian market is growing rapidly, and many well-known brands are interested in becoming and “affirming” in your country. Our company Surya group develops CAT and Hunkemoller brands. CAT– is a manufacturer of technological, comfortable clothes of various types, functional backpacks and suitcases; Hunkemoller – the famous Dutch brand of women’s underwear. At the moment we have three retail stores Hunkemoller in Moscow, presented in Mega Khimki, Mega Teply Stan and Mega Belaya Dacha. And one more retail store CAT – Vnukovo Outlet. Work on attracting and launching new brands in the Russian Federation is also continuing. – What could you say about the main demand trends in the global and Russian textile products market and, in this connection, to what extent does the company participate in the promotion of light industry products (eg, sewing accessories, clothing fabrics) that are in high demand? What are the deadlines for the execution of orders coming to your company? – Today there are global changes in the Russian textile market. At the same time, most domestic manufacturers are increasing their capacity in Russia. And the quality of textile products produced in Russia is able to compete with imported products. In this regard, the company decided to change the vector of work with Russian producers in order to satisfy their need for basic materials as much as possible and attract new customers. But at the same time, we continue to work with import producers. Realizing, in this connection, a full cycle of complex goods promotion: from production to distribution of fabrics and accessories from India, China, UAE, Turkey, South Korea and Taiwan. To date, we have over 500 active customers. The deadlines for the execution of orders received by our company do not exceed two months. I would like to note that our product range is updated monthly. At the end of the trading period, we arrange favorable sales for customers, as a result they have the opportunity to purchase fabrics for outerwear wholesale at a reduced price. The material presented in the catalog is always in stock. Due to this, its shipping takes an average of two days. The time of order execution depends on the country of manufacture. It is simple to buy cloth in Surya Group: just contact the manager by phone or through the site. After agreeing the details, you will receive the ordered products at the specified address. – Do you plan to expand the assortment of light industry goods offered by the company on the Russian market? – Our company actively monitors the market trends in the field of light industry. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we always offer a diverse, including an innovative range. There is ongoing work to find new partners, manufacturers of light industry from China, Turkey, India, the UAE, and a number of other countries. surya1 In the catalog of Surya Group natural mixed materials of high demand are presented. They are obtained, I recall, by “binding” natural and synthetic fibers. Their maximum strength and durability makes the material suitable for sewing school uniforms, working and outerwear, other products. Natural samples are more suitable, in my opinion, for the manufacture of everyday household and holiday outfits. – What can you say about the geography of cooperation of your company with producers and consumers of textile products? – The geography of our company is more and more extensive: we, again, actively cooperate with the PRC, Turkey, the UAE, Taiwan, India. The main consumers of various textile products from these countries, including semi-finished products, are Russia and Belarus. In the long term, we plan to expand the geography of partnership relations with producers and consumers in a larger number of countries. – What is the average level of the trade margins, is it “hard” – a given value, or varies depending on various factors? – Trading margins, of course, each time adapts to external conditions. This leads us to limit the rate of return to 15% to ensure a competitive supply of products. There are no “hidden” mark-ups. – What are the main advantages for your clientele, the work of Surya group directly with the producers of textile products? – We have developed a new scheme for working with customers and manufacturers, which contributes to more fruitful and long-term work with factories directly. In the arsenal of the company there is direct cooperation with more than 100 factories in China and more than 50 – in Turkey. Among the main advantages of the company, it is worth noting that we are already more than 17 years on the Russian market, we know the needs of the main players of this market. And also provide brokerage services, with only a 15% surcharge. – Your company carries out a wide program of social assistance, participates in other programs of this profile … – Our company’s mission sounds like this: “Our company earns money to help needy children, improving the world around us.” Undoubtedly, we are active participants in various social programs, such as trips to orphanages, the allocation of monthly funds, the provision of necessary conditions, etc. Work in this direction is ongoing. * August 28-30 of this year Surya Group will present a new collection of its fabrics and accessories in the framework of the 3rd International INTERFABRIC  Exhibition (Moscow, Expocentre, Pavilion 7 Hall 1, stand F-19) We invite you to visit the exposition of the company. To register and become a participant of the INTERFABRIC-2017.Autumn exhibition you can HERE …
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