For 75 years, the Bryansk Worsted Mill has been producing fabrics for the Russian market

12.07.2021 г.

At the anniversary exhibition «INTERFABRIC-2021.Autumn» Bryansk Worsted Mill will present its latest achievements. These are not only high-quality fabrics, but also cozy and warm blankets, blankets and scarves made of natural wool, already loved by the Russian consumer.

Bryansk Worsted Mill is one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Bryansk region, and the largest full-cycle textile enterprise in Russia. In its best years, the plant supplied pure wool and semi-wool fabrics to more than 500 consumers in the Soviet Union, Mongolia, Poland, the DPRK and Afghanistan. During the crisis of the 90s, the plant was able to maintain production and staff, and later managed to take higher positions in the industry.

Today, Bryansk Worsted Combine LLC is the leader of the wool processing industry in Russia, its share in the total output of worsted fabrics is up to 60%. Since 2004, BCC has become the main supplier of fine wool worsted fabrics (up to 80%) for the personal belongings of such federal executive bodies as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the FSB of Russia, the Prosecutor General's Office and others. 

BCC is a leading manufacturer of worsted fabrics in the CIS in terms of a combination of such parameters as revenue and production volumes, availability of modern technological equipment, European product quality, intellectual and technological experience of specialists.

In order to obtain modern technologies for the production of worsted fabrics, BKK LLC in acquired the Lithuanian company Drobe in 2008, known as the leading manufacturer of worsted fabrics in the USSR with an 80-year history. After 1991, Drobe produced the main volume of fabrics for the Hugo Boss brand. Thanks to this acquisition, BCC received a network of fabric sales agents in Europe, modern production technologies, up to 15 Russian-speaking Lithuanian specialists who have been implementing these technologies in Bryansk for 3 years.

The decision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia to hold a VIP in 2010-2013 contributed to the development of the range of fabrics of the plant and ensured the development of high-quality fabrics for school uniforms with a set of specified properties. The team of 600 people has unique competencies in the production of high-tech fabrics, including SUPER 100S – SUPER 130S.


The modernized capacities of the plant are designed for 3.0-3.5 million meters of fabrics per year. Since 2001, the plant has been re-equipped with a fleet of carding machines, a set of belt machines with automatic roving weight regulators has been installed in the roving shop, 28 Sacco Lowell machines and 9 Conetex machines with automatic removal of cobs and the ability to produce yarn of high numbers have been installed in the spinning shop, Savio and Murata machines have been installed in the spinning shop, which significantly reduce the defects of twisted yarn.

The weaving production received modern looms from the «Smith» company. The Turbomat washing machine, Autoklav and Superfinish decathers were put into operation in the finishing production. 

The three main advantages of the Bryansk worsted mill can be expressed in three words: fast, profitable, reliable. If the products are available in a free warehouse, they are shipped immediately after payment is made, the pricing policy guarantees a fair price for high – quality goods-an ideal combination of price and quality, and the timeliness of delivery is guaranteed by a high level of service and extensive experience of the plant's employees.  

Since 2019, as part of the development of the production of pure wool blankets and scarves, pile, fringe – knitting, fabric - shrinking machines have been purchased. A calender is installed for continuous steaming of products under pressure. The existing washing equipment is being modernized. In 2020, the replacement of chemical water treatment equipment has begun, which will significantly improve the process of water softening for the technology. 

The most important place in the work of the specialists of the plant is the work on improving the quality of products. First of all, organizational measures were taken to strengthen the service of the chief technologist. A significant part of the specialists and workers were trained at the best textile enterprises in Italy and Germany.

A special value of the plant is the labor collective, which today has 600 people of unique specialties, among which there are many young personnel who are currently mastering textile professions under the guidance of experienced mentors and instructors. A new generation of textile workers, who increase the glory of the collective with their work, continue the legacy. 

2(3).jpgThe basis of the company's products is semi – wool and pure wool fabrics for civil and departmental purposes, for sewing men's suits, school uniforms, corporate and uniform clothing for a variety of federal structures. The range is expanding, and a new product is being improved – pure wool blankets, scarves, blankets.

Today, BCC works with a wide variety of clients-from JSC «Russian Railways» to ateliers and small companies. The company supplies products to Russian production and commercial campaigns, including «Frant» Mozhaisk, Expotorg, Rostextil, ICOR Yaroslavl, Peremena, «Rus». For the convenience of customers, there are three representative offices of the plant: in Bryansk, Krasnodar and in Moscow.

The work of the Bryansk worsted mill is made for a successful future, and the company has enough optimism to build far-reaching plans.

You will be able to get acquainted with the products of the Bryansk Worsted Mill from September 7 to 9 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow, at the 10th International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials «INTERFABRIC-2021.Autumn» in Pavilion 2, Hall 2, stand 22E02.

See you at the exhibition.

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