10.08.2017 г.
On the agricultural landfills of ‘EcoGreentek’ in Bryansk region, many years of testing of Hollowfiber® non-woven materials (‘Thermopol’ production), used as an environmentally neutral and safe hydroponic base, have been completed. Materials on the composition and structure are close to insulators for clothes and fillers for upholstered furniture and mattresses. Almost a decade after the first experiments and many years of successful testing, the technology is successfully updated for industrial applications. Today it is implemented in the Arctic and at the South Pole. The total translation into domestic greenhouses was opened by the company ‘BR Lighting’, Dyatkovo town. Information resource ‘Agropak’ with reference to the manufacturer notes that when watering or adding a working solution of mineral salts to hydroponics, Hollowfiber® does not enter into a chemical reaction, remaining a neutral basis for the functional development of a healthy root system. Hollowfiber® hydroponics has a fibrous structure that also promotes the breathing of roots, passes air, breathes, does not prevent air circulation, does not rot, does not collapse from the action of light and water, does not retain odors, does not swell in water. A feature of Hollowfiber® is the non-hygroscopicity of the polyester fiber. This quality makes it possible to minimize evaporation from the surface of the hydroponic base. Development of hydroponic technologies in recent years is associated with the development of innovative import-substituting technologies and changes in 2016 in land use legislation, the significant development of agriculture in Russia, the successful world experience of hydroponic cultivation of food plant cultures. ‘Thermopol’ plant will present its innovative products under the trade name Hollowfiber® at the INTERFABRIC exhibition. We invite you to visit the company’s stand: В-2, hall 2 of pavilion 7.
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