25.05.2017 г.
The Ural designer Dmitry Shishkin opens the first in the country innovative sewing factory for the production of sportswear in Yekaterinburg. DSC 9138 The key feature of the company is the use of advanced technologies in the garment industry at all stages of production, through the implementation of automated systems covering the entire production cycle of garment manufacturing: licensed software, microprocessor and computer equipment, and design and management systems for sewing production processes. Up to 30% of all operations are performed in automatic mode using robotic complexes, multi-purpose aggregated workplaces are created to increase labor productivity, improve the quality and variety of products. With this approach, the role of the human factor is minimized, since a person in the given chain has a role of an observer rather than a worker, and resource costs are reduced by creating the most automated flow of production. Thus, high product quality, no defectation and downtime are achieved. The first phase of the enterprise was put into operation in March 2017, the total area of ​​1,000 square meters, the total number of employees is about 100 people, the investment volume has been more than 100 million rubles. At this stage, production will produce up to 10,000 items per month. By August 2017, the second phase will be put into operation, which will at least triple these figures. The colossal experience gained two years earlier in the construction of the Portnovskaya Manufactory allowed the company to shorten the project’s implementation period to six months. The factory is focused on the development and production of industrial lines of clothes and accessories in a sporty and casual style for large corporate customers. In parallel, the line of ready-made clothing under its own brand will be launched. Designer Dmitry Shishkin has been working on an ongoing basis for several years with such large companies as Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, RMK, RZD and others. The plan to create a large factory with the introduction of innovative production technologies existed for a long time, but only by the end of 2016, in the midst of another round of crisis in our country, necessary financial resources were found, administrative thresholds were passed and a labor collective with a unique luggage of knowledge was organized that allowed to start implementing such an ambitious project. Dmitry Shishkin: “The economic situation of recent years has pushed us to create a sewing holding company on the territory of our country. The growth of the exchange rate, the tightening of customs policy and sanctions have a negative impact on the price policy of competitors importing garments to our country. This circumstance gives us a competitive advantage over other major players in the market, which in the vast majority have production capacities outside of Russia.” The production being created is unique throughout the country, since the garment factories that existed in Russia and who survived and were heavily retained in the perestroika era, and the newly created enterprises in the late 1990s, the beginning of the zero ones, follow an extensive development path, work on the morally obsolete equipment and create low-quality products, often failing to compete even in the domestic market with imported products, not to mention the absence of even imaginary prospects for entering the international market. At the same time, representatives of the domestic establishment and large corporations use products and services of Western companies for 90%, primarily because of the complete lack of supply from Russian producers. DSC 8715 The policy of import substitution can be actively implemented not only in the priority spheres of the economy, but also on the expanses of the light industry practically collapsed during the perestroika period. Moreover, Russian manufacturers are beginning to compete actively with foreign companies, which until recently were out of reach. This project is not only one of the best examples of implementation of import substitution strategy in the light industry, which is one of the most priority sectors for development in our country, but it can become a flagship in its segment, constantly demonstrating a high level of development Innovation, design and technology. The capacities of the enterprise are already loaded with orders of companies until September of this year, and this is the best indicator of the market demand for quality products made in Russia.  
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