09.12.2016 г.
On the history, plans of Ivanovo “Melange-Textil” melange plant, its production capabilities Frolychev Roman, Deputy Director General of the plant told us. “Ivanovo melange plant was founded in 1929. In 1992, the company was reorganized into an open joint stock company. By the time of the transition to market relations plant became one the largest textile enterprises in the industry. Since the conversion the plant consists of three factories: spinning, weaving and finishing. The prime contractor is a Trade House “Melange-Textile”. Today Trade House “Melange-Textile” is Russia’s only textile mill, which is working on a full cycle, they say, under the same roof: from the processing of raw materials to the finished product – for work clothing fabrics. The company is equipped with modern equipment of leading companies of Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan. Trade House “Melange-Textile” offers fabric of its own production for sewing of special, corporate clothing and uniforms. As for the fibrous structure, the fabric is produced from 100% cotton content in it to 100% of polyester. Today the company produces more than 50 kinds of fabrics with different characteristics.  Produced fabric is protected from water and rain, wind, oil and oil products, general industrial pollution. As well as the fire-retardant finish, which allows to protect the products against exposure to flame or high temperature. Dust-proof finish protects against non-toxic fine industrial dust. In turn, acid-proof impregnation protects against different concentrations of sulfuric acid. A special group of manufactured assortment is anti-electrostatic fabric – for protection against the accumulation of electrostatic charges. All manufactured fabrics have a wide color palette. Currently, our products are in the demand on the domestic market: we can say, every product finds a buyer. In addition, we supply to other EAEU countries a wide range of products. In 2017 we will participate in the INTERFABRIC 2017 exhibition, where will be represented the whole range of fabrics produced by us. ”  
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