EVA collection released an Insulated collection with Hollowfiber®

30.11.2016 г.
EVA company,   the Russian expert in creation and production of fashion clothing collections for women’s large sizes (50-70), created a collection Insulated FASHION-ACTIVE. It implements the most innovative solutions that allow you to name the product unique. One of the features of the SIZE + collection  –  is use of superfine breathable and elastic nonwoven insulation Hollowfiber® that promotes the removal of excess of carbon dioxide from the space under the clothes. “Application of new technologies in street clothes allowed us to raise this product group at a qualitatively higher level due to the relief items, water absorption, softness and new plastics, – Elena Afonina,  the Head of EVA collection project comments on the novelties. – In outer clothing for our size chart it is very important to decrease the external volume of products and at the same time increase the protective properties of our Russian frosts. With the use of Hollowfiber® as the insulation material, we managed to get some very interesting jacket models. They are ultra-modern, with the current fashion lines and finishing details and, at the same time, unusually warm. Engineers and designers of the brand had  to experiment a lot to get the most technologically advanced products for mass production in factories. As a result, our staff, and most importantly, end customers are very satisfied with the result.  The final product turned out to be warm, fashionable, easy, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, comfortable! ” The collection products are as comfortable as possible in the operation and care, and the secret is inside! “Hollowfiber”, which is used as an insulator – is the eco-friendly synthetic material. It is produced with the latest technology. It has many advantages over other synthetic, artificial insulators and feather. The fibers in the “Hollowfiber” materials have a spring structure that allows the products do not crumple, easily restore the shape when deformed. Clothing with its use is very light, breathable. “Hollowfiber” is hypoallergenic, breathable, does not absorb moisture, provides good temperature regulation, and retains the heat perfectly.
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