Eco-friendly knitted fabrics made from premium cotton from Rutkani company

20.05.2019 г.

RUTKANI company is among the participants of the Interfabric exhibition. RUTKANI is a Russian-Uzbek production of knitted fabric.

Fabric production is a serious and laborious process. The quality of the fabric depends on many indicators, and one of the main ones is the use of cotton of the highest grade.

Uzbek cotton today is of great interest in the international market. This indicates the high quality of raw materials, as well as compliance with international standards. RUTKANI canvases are produced exclusively from the best, first-class cotton, which allows you to get soft, eco-friendly fabrics.

The creation of clothing collections is the creation of a story, where each element has something in common with each other. In turn, any collection begins with fabrics. RUTKANI are natural, stylish fabrics that allow you to create fashionable and original collections.

RUTKANI is not only a textile production, but also an established system of interaction, developed specifically for clothing manufacturers. A team of professional designers develops ready-made solutions for prints and palettes, which are perfectly combined with each other. The company carefully monitors the trends of the fashion world, therefore RUTKANI prints are original and universal.

RUTKANI specialists are convinced of the need to produce high-quality products, which requires strict control at every stage of production. Due to the presence of its own production facilities, the company carefully monitors such important indicators as:

  • quality of raw materials and the process of its production;
  • quality of developed projects;
  • quality of knitted fabric production.

You can get acquainted with the company’s products at the INTERFABRIC-2019. Autumn exhibition from September 3 to September 6, 2019, at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion No. 1, Stand D05.

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