13.05.2020 г.

Coats is an international company that has been successfully supplying the whole world with sewing threads for over 250 years. Today, the company employs 18 thousand people in more than 50 countries on six continents. Coats manufactures more than 1000 items of sewing threads. Today we will talk with Irina Okuneva, sales representative of the brand about the company's capabilities.

- Irina, tell us about which threads are produced by Coats.

- We have a very wide range - the most diverse threads. In 1879, Thomas Edison used Coates thread in his experiments to invent a light bulb. Today, over 450 million pairs of shoes and over 100 million automotive airbags are produced annually using Coats products. Our Performance Materials flame retardant yarns can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

Well, besides this, every year we produce enough threads to sew 8 billion pairs of jeans - this is one pair for each person on the planet.

- How long has Coats been working in Russia?

- The company has been represented on the Russian market since 1995.

- Which of your product range is most in demand among consumers?

- It is almost impossible to answer this question for one word. We do not just have our own brands in the following areas:

Coats - industrial sewing threads for various applications;

Opti - zippers (spiral, plastic, metal);

Coats Signal - retroreflective products (ribbons, threads);

Coats Connect - contact tape. Each group also contains heat-resistant products. All our lines are developed on the basis of not only scientific, but also marketing research. Therefore, all our products are in high demand.

I believe that people around the world come in contact with our products every day - and putting on clothes and shoes, making tea, going to bed and getting behind the wheel of their car - they may not even think that all this is made using Coats threads. For traditional segments of the clothing industry, our flagship, as many years ago, is Epic - reinforced sewing thread. It has been appreciated and used by many global clothing brands.

Of course, in addition to this thread, in our assortment there are other positions for the production of clothes and shoes. For sports and fitness clothes, there are solutions for making soft and elastic seams. This is a textured and micro-textured thread of their polyester or nylon - Gramax, Seamsoft, Surfilor. In addition, we produce special threads for down products that prevent the migration of fluff - Gral AS, Epic AS. And for shoe production we have special solutions for automatic lines - Dabond, Nylbond.

- What international brands does Coats work with?

-We work with many global manufacturers who have chosen COATS as their main supplier. These are ADIDAS, NIKE, Decathlon, Zara, GAP, Levi’s and many others. Our advantages are sustainable quality, reliable service and availability in any country. Wherever the production is located, our customers can be sure that they will receive the same high quality thread. This is important for companies producing clothes, shoes, cars, whose production sites are located in different countries.

- Does the company have many clients in Russia?

- Yes, we work with all the major players of the Russian market from various segments: casual and sportswear, PPE, shoes, mattresses, and the automotive industry.

- Tell us about your new developments?

- Now Coats has three centers for the development of new products: in China, Turkey and the United States.

As we all know, the topic of conscious consumption and ecology is very important now. Recycled plastic products are in demand of many leading manufacturers. The main Coats products also have a parallel line, which are made from plastic bottles caught in the ocean. These threads are called Eco Verde. They are represented in the collections of Epic, Gramax, Seamsoft, Gral and Sylko Matt.

Epic EcoVerde.jpgThere are also new products in the Signal direction - reflective products - ribbons, sewn and hot-glue, edging, braid, thread - now these products are used not only in work clothes, but also in casual, sportswear.

One of the last strategic coalitions was a collaboration with OSRAM, the largest manufacturer of lighting equipment and intelligent lighting systems. The purpose of cooperation is to develop the next generation of clothing and accessories with high visibility and to provide complete solutions to brands and manufacturers.

- There are many manufacturers of threads on the market. What is your unique selling proposition?

- First of all, this is the stability of our work - as we have already said, our company is more than 200 years old and all processes have been worked out. The location of our production sites, offices and warehouses around the world allows us to provide fast and high-quality service to our customers, wherever they are. Wherever production is located, we are close. The factories from which our products are delivered are located in Romania, Hungary and Turkey, and all of them produce a different type of thread. This is very important when solving technical, logistic and other issues. And it allows us to implement a flexible customer policy and timely technical support, of course, the high quality of all our products.

epic_product_3.jpgNot all manufacturing companies immediately come to the conclusion that the use of better threads for sewing products gives a significant improvement in the quality of the final product and reduces the costs associated with setting up machines, fixing a poor-quality seam, downtime due to broken threads or tightening the seam, which ultimately increases productivity. All our clients can use the advice of our technical experts, receive timely and complete information about all possible combinations of threads, set up equipment, types of needles to obtain the highest quality seams.

I would also like to draw your attention to the breadth of color maps - an expanded color map includes 916 shades, which allows you to easily select the desired color.

If this is not enough, we have the opportunity to dye the threads in the color of the client’s fabric, this does not affect the cost, it only lengthens the delivery time.

Often, companies producing clothes and shoes are very sensitive to the choice of fabric and visible accessories and do not focus on those threads that are sewn using the cheapest threads. And as we know, a quality thing needs to be evaluated by internal processing. For many end consumers (buyers), this moment is now becoming very relevant, especially on thin, delicate fabrics. In fitness clothing, underwear, the seam elasticity and softness are important, in products for outdoor activities and sports - strength and water resistance, and so on.

- So, for any task in the textile industry, can you offer a solution?

-Yes, of course. Our experts will advise and select the best solution. You can contact us by phone or write to the mail.

Contacts for communication:

Tel: +7 915 200 79 75

Tel: +7 495 510 51 84



140060, Moscow region, Lyubertsy district, Oktyabrskiy settlement, Lenina Str., 53

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