Centuries-old traditions and modern technologies

18.11.2016 г.
Open Joint Stock Company “Pavlovo-Posadskiy kamvolschik” was founded in 1864 by the Moscow merchant Alexander Vasilievich Shchukin and it is one of Russia’s oldest textile enterprises. The history of the company is closely intertwined with the history of formation and development of the Russian army. During the Great Patriotic War the enterprise produced fabrics for uniforms of the Soviet Army. In 1944 the enterprise was awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Banner of the State Defense Committee was transferred to permanent storage to the stuff for the successful execution of tasks of the Government in supplying the Soviet Army with clothing allowance and performing special tasks of the Command of the Soviet Army. In the 1960s for the first time in the country the enterprise mastered the technology of production of woolen fabrics with synthetic polyester fibers. The new technology used in the development of special-purpose fabrics for the needs of the Soviet Army on the special task of the Government. In the 80 years it has developed special-purpose new tissue release technique of vysokonomernoy yarn with high wool content for senior command staff. Newly developed technologies are used hitherto. Centuries-old traditions of the enterprise demonstrate the viability of production, has repeatedly implemented features and the ability to upgrade. Today, the company is working on the most modern and efficient equipment. In the production of high-quality fabrics used by domestic and foreign raw materials, which in combination with constantly updated material and technical base contributes to the development of new fabric technologies, improve their application properties. The plant produces a wide range of costume half-woolen fabrics of various patterns and colors. Along with classic fabrics, black, blue, gray tones, the company is ready to offer modern fabrics of new structures and coloristic possibilities. Much work is being done on the development of school assortment of fabrics. Fabrics of this group are available with the wool content not less than 40%, which corresponds to Gos.standarta. For children’s clothes and uniforms are produced fabric for more than 50 articles and pictures in a cage, strip and coats them in a variety of colors. All fabrics are certified enterprise. Garments of these fabrics have a solid color, preserve the natural properties of wool fiber, polyester fiber fabrics and products gives strength, dimensional stability. On specialized fairs textile fabrics Russia OJSC “Pavlovsky Posad kamvolschik” was frequently awarded diplomas in the following nominations: “The Best Fabric of the Year”, “For high consumer properties” and others. Taking part in the international textile trade fairs Russia, the plant is constantly expanding markets for their products. OJSC “Pavlovsky Posad kamvolschik” has a reputation of a reliable partner in the Russian market and foreign tissues. The company is one of the leading suppliers of clothing and permanent property for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Justice, State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation and other departments, as well as law enforcement agencies and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company is a member of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry and participant of the International INTERFABRIC Exhibition.
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