Autumn ‘Interfabric-2017’ gathered enthusiastic textile practitioners

31.08.2017 г.
From August 28 to August 30, 2017, the III International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials INTERFABRIC-2017. Autumn is held at the Moscow Expocentre. Compared to the previous edition (the spring one), the number of participants increased by 20% – more than 100 companies. The geography also expanded: besides the leading Russian manufacturers (the Vologda Textile Mill, Krasnye tkachi, Shuiskiye Sitsy Cotton Plant , etc.), participants came from Italy, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, India and Turkey. Weaving of the XXI century Practicality is the main trend of the current exhibition. All participants are textile practitioners, and all the developments and novelties that they have presented already have a real embodiment. Samples of fabrics – please, here they hang; new textures – pick up, feel; a new application of known materials – yes, here they are. Modern methods of printing and dyeing, novelties of parts and accessories – everything is already working, production is adjusted. Of course, there are some problems, not always new in the industry is getting along smoothly, but people are working and thanks to them, textile production in Russia does not stand still. The business program of the exhibition is also aimed at the practical solution of various issues. The main form of work – workshops and seminars, not lectures. Methods of state support and financing opportunities for the textile industry were discussed as well as market conditions and forecasts. Both the optimization of production processes and technologies are touched upon, for example, what are the opportunities for printing and processing of fabrics in Russia. A lot of practical information on sales: how to meet the requirements of international and Russian retailers, how to meet the requirements of customs regulation in procurement. Of course, part is devoted to fashion trends: visual trends, effective methods for promoting brands, promotion.
Even the room where the business program was held was called – “Hall “Practice “.
Expert forum
Within the framework of the exhibition, for the first time in Russia, the Textile Expert Forum is held. In the center of the exhibition there is a zone (tables and stands) where the tissue samples provided by the participating companies are laid out and hung. On each sample there is the name and stand of the manufacturer. That is, visitors do not even have to walk and look at all the stands in search of suitable textiles. You can inspect the Textile Expert Forum and go straight to the suppliers of the required samples. The task of the forum is to show the main directions and key themes for the autumn-winter 2018/19 clothing collections. According to visitors’ reviews, it is a very convenient idea. However, our correspondent noted that the visitors-specialists were not limited to the selected companies, and after them they still examined the whole exhibition. You never know where you’ll see what you’ve been looking for, perhaps for years. The result of the work of the Textile Expert Forum was the INTERFABRIC Award. The professional jury selected the best 4 samples, and the award ceremony was held during the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Fabrics with original decoration and finishing became the leaders as well as fabric produced using innovative technology; a fabric with unusual tactile properties and color, capable of … transmitting emotions.

The most interesting

All the most interesting about coloring fabrics, about quality control and using color to express designer’s ideas, was told in the cycle of excursions and seminars of Trendsquire trend-bureau and the company Grafitek. The trend bureau is studying how the preferences of modern buyers are changing. After all, to catch in time the transition from strict motives to expressive and bright – it means to increase sales of their fabrics and collections of clothing. Digital full cycle printing on fabric is another trend of modern design. In this segment, SIA Restyle was standing out, the company that develops design, performs printing, and processes fabric both before and after. True, printing is possible only on natural fabrics: silk, cotton, linen, viscose, wool, up to 10% elastane in the composition.
Warm and … tasty! ‘Mekh Oreteks’ company concerned about Warm fabrics for the upcoming season. The company operates on the basis of one of the oldest Russian textile producers – the Orekhovo-Zuevo cotton mill. The company’s market niche is new high-tech warm fabrics made of artificial and natural fibers, always environmentally friendly. It is fleece, velor, mahra, fur and yarn. In general, the choice of exactly WARM TISSUES at the exhibition is great –it is the seasonal trend. Moreover, in our country the winter differs from summer much more significantly than, for example, in Italy. Although the Italian manufacturer Nesatex is very well aware of this – its stand was full of warm jersey with natural yarn (cashmere, alpaca, angora), felt and quilted materials. Visitors the designers were also interested in the exclusive development of the company – knitted garments without seams.
Some INSULATORS started a new life. We all know the nonwoven hollowfiber material (production of Thermopol) as a heater for clothes, a filler for upholstered furniture, mattresses and pillows. Now he has a new application: as a hydroponic basis for agriculture. Why not, because the material is environmentally neutral, has a fibrous structure, breathes, does not swell – fill it with nutrient solution and grow it! Already applied in the Arctic and the South Pole, and now a massive introduction in the Bryansk region has begun. FABRICS AND CLOTHES FOR TOURISM, SPORT in the open air and walks in any weather are subject to special requirements. To protect against wind, rain, snow, heat and sweat, a multi-layered construction of knitwear, membrane, insulation and protective coating is required. Such products are produced by the world’s leading brands (Salomon, Odlo, Columbia, etc.), and these things are quite expensive. Against this background, the appearance of production in Russia is encouraging. Adventum Technologies is trying to transfer Western patented technologies to us through a joint venture with European Concordia Textiles and Carrington Career & Workwear Ltd. These are the brands whose designs we see in the products of the leading western brands of outdoor clothing. It’s very cool that not only the manufacturability and functionality of clothing is being transferred, but also, for example, the methods of staining. It is Impossible to paint the Membrane tissues as usual, and after all the user would like to see them in a bright, topical design!
On a man, everything should be beautiful
Quality and technologies are a wonderful thing. Especially if they are beautifully decorated. Agree, no matter how comfortable clothes are, you do not want to wear it, if it is made of a dull cloth of gloomy colors! Fortunately, INTERFABRIC-2017. Autumn is also rich in beautiful solutions. Indian company Shanagar is ready to turn any product into a work of art with the help of beads, sequins and embroidery. Interestingly, it works with any surfaces, not just thin or dense fabrics, like many. Developments can look vintage or modern, but in any case, the uniqueness of traditional Indian art is seen. Buckles, buttons, metal jewelry for clothes are also presented in abundance. The trend here is environmental friendliness. Developers of accessories refuse from the nickel and lead, focusing on copper, inert metals, gold and silver plating. Do not lag behind the manufacturers of accessories, without which it is impossible to do. After all, even the most necessary can be made aesthetic! For example, there was a new Soft Touch coating for zippers (producer “Afa”). It feels like rubber to the touch – soft, elastic, very pleasant. For sure to use such a zipper, for example, on the outer clothing in cold weather will be much nicer than usual. In general, there are a lot of zippers at the exhibition, it is even difficult to imagine that there can be as many variations of colors and design. An impressive design of zippers (pictured) was invented by representatives of Alyzip. In a word, you can fasten everything, and with comfort.
  There are really a lot of interesting and sometimes unexpected presented. It is not surprising that the second trade and purchasing session ‘Legprom – on the Net!” with the participation of the largest retail chains and manufacturers completed the Exhibition.  It is hoped that the presented developments will not remain a “thing in themselves”, but will be in demand in mass production and reach us, buyers.
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