Alkim Tekstil – a new comer to INTERFABRIC-2022. Spring exhibition

01.12.2021 г.

Alkim Tekstil – a new comer to INTERFABRIC-2022. Spring exhibition

In Spring of 2022, for the first time at INTERFABRIC, the Alkim Tekstil company will be presented – a manufacturer of knitted fabrics of European quality and wholesales throughout Russia. 

Alkim Tekstil is an independent in-house sewing production with the latest technologies, a rich palette for the production of fabrics in the customer's color scheme, more than a thousand prints in stock and on order. 

Knitting of fabrics, dyeing of knitted fabrics, production of finished products - this is not a complete list of the company's capabilities. The sales director of the company Anfisa Tsedrik told in more detail about the uniqueness of Alkim Tekstil products.

– Anfisa, your factory ALKIM TEKSTIL is engaged in the production of knitted fabrics. Tell us more where is it located and how long has it been working?

ALKIM-TEKSTIL2.jpg– Our factory was founded in 2003. It is located in Uzbekistan. In the city of Ivanovo our warehouse and sales office are located. Here you can see and touch the knitted fabric, evaluate its quality, color palette and print designs. We have over a thousand of them!

– You offer buyers a very large assortment of knitted fabrics. What types of fabric do you produce and what can you sew from it?

– Yes, we have a large selection of knitted fabrics.
These are interlock, ribana, footer, kashkorsa and kulirnaya smooth surface.  Footer and coulir surface can have different composition and density.  

But most of our assortment is dedicated to sewing clothes for the nursery category. First of all, it is an interlock.

Interlock is a very soft and delicate material that is best for newborns. It is 100% cotton and dyed with natural dyes. Products made from it are perfectly breathable and help to avoid allergies, irritation and diaper rash on the skin of babies.

Also for nursery collections we offer a very pleasant and warm fleece made of natural cotton.

Another pride of ours is the riban body size fabric for sewing seamless baby underwear.

We are annually certified by OEKO-TECH. All our products have international quality certificates OEKO-tex Standard 100, which confirm their environmental friendliness and safety.

We produce more than 3300 tons of knitted knitted fabrics and 4,800 tons of dyed knitted fabrics per year.

– How does your product differ from the products of other factories?

ALKIM-TEKSTIL11.jpg– Our main difference from our competitors is that in the warehouse in Ivanovo we constantly maintain a large stock of canvas in stock.

Our canvas always has a high and stable quality. Any collection of canvas has been on sale with us for at least two years. This means that our partner can make an additional order of paddings, repeat their most popular collections and sell even more products! And some of the collections of upholstery have been in the top sellers for more than four years.

We have our own design bureau working on the creation of the fillings, so they are all unique.

We also provide partners with the opportunity to manufacture an exclusive design or a single-color canvas to order.

And for regular customers we have a flexible system of discounts.

– Anfisa, do you have any unique technologies in production? In what directions do you use them?

ALKIM-TEKSTIL44.jpg– Yes, our unique technology lies in the fact that, despite the high cost of cotton yarn, we produce a 100% cotton footer and do not change the composition and knitting technology. We do not substitute polyester for cotton for a lower price.

At the same time, we also have a footer with polyester in the composition. In this case, the front and back sides of the footer are cotton, and the polyester is knitted inside and does not come into contact with the skin. Natural cotton makes it pleasant to the touch. And synthetic threads give it elasticity.

Clothes from the footer are very soft and comfortable, and after numerous washes they do not lose their neat appearance and remain resistant to spools and deformations.

– You are participating in the INTERFABRIC exhibition for the first time. Open the secret, what are you planning to demonstrate to the guests of the exhibition?

– We will definitely bring to the exhibition a collection of spring-summer - 2022, in which there will be new fashionable colors, and a collection of autumn-winter - 2022.

We will be glad to see our partners and will gladly exchange contacts with new acquaintances! 

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