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05.07.2021 г.

The AFA brand has been known among manufacturers of zippers, metal accessories and cords, as well as a keeper tape since 1994. 

It was then that AFA Group launched its production and since then has established itself as a professional partner with extensive experience in the production of accessories.

At the anniversary exhibition «INTERFABRIC-2021.Autumn»  under the AFA brand, new collections will be presented at the stand of the AFA Group company, including: 

  • spiral (twisted) zipper: type 3, type 5, type 7 (all types), with ordinary polyester, velvet, satin, lace or reflective braid;
  • hidden zippers: type 3 (nylon), type 4 «super hidden» (polyester), type 3 «super hidden»(polyester);
  • super-hidden zipper is a zipper with a denser braid, type 3, type 5;
  • tractor zippers: type 3, type 5, type 5 (shark tooth), type 5 (cone), type 5 (shark tooth), type 8, type 8 (cone), type 8 (shark tooth), type 10;
  • metal zipper: type 1, type 2, type 3, type 5, type 8, type a 10;
  • shoe zippers: type 7;
  • waterproof zippers: type 3, type 5, type 7 (detachable, all-in-one, combi); these zippers can be of the following types: spiral (twisted), tractor or metal.

Cords for clothing are produced both in winding and dimensional-round, flat, with filler and others.  At the production site, at the request of the customer, it is possible to install the tips on the cord, as well as branding both the cord itself and the tip. The cords are colored both according to the fabric sample and according to the color map.

AFA-Group.jpgОThe AFA Group equipment allows to produce a kipper tape with a width from 0.5 cm to 6 cm, of any density made of 100% cotton or polyester. Coloring is performed both according to the fabric sample and according to the color map.

Metal accessories manufactured by AFA Group are of the following types: buttons, denim buttons, buttons, holnitens, pullers, clothing accessories ( both installation and sewing), eglets for cords, grommets, stoppers. 

All these accessories are made according to the customer's sketches and with the application of a logo or any desired pattern.

Also, the AFA Group equipment allows you to brand zippers, cords, kipper tape, as well as for all types of metal fittings.

AFA Group employs creative designers who know their business and have extensive experience in the European market.

More detailed information about the assortment, prices and opportunities of AFA Group can be found at the anniversary exhibition «INTERFABRIC-2021.Autumn» from September 7 to 9, 2021, Moscow, EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Pavilion No. 2, Hall 2, stand 22G11.

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