A practical session on raw materials and fabrics ‘Possibilities for Printing and Processing of Fabrics in Russia. Solutions for Fast-Fashion and Raw Material Suppliers’ will be held in the framework of the Business Program of the INTERFABRIC exhibition

07.08.2017 г.
August 29 of this year at the Expocentre Fairgrounds within the Business Program of the INTERFABRIC exhibition a practical session ‘Opportunities for printing and processing of fabrics in Russia. Solutions for fast-fashion and suppliers of raw materials’ will be held’. The topic of raw materials is one of the most acute for sewing and manufacturing enterprises. Where and how you can order a cloth with your design or custom design, features and technical possibilities for processing different materials will be considered in the PRACTICAL SESSION on raw materials and fabrics ‘Opportunities for printing and processing of fabrics in Russia. Solutions for fast-fashion and suppliers of raw materials’. The session will be of interesting to factories producing fashionable clothes, interested in finding effective solutions for fast-fashion. Within the framework of the session, experts on fabric design, order placement and production companies for processing and printing on fabrics and textile fabrics will speak. LECTURE FROM THE PARTNER OF THE PROGRAM – Fashion Factory School
  • KSENIYA EZHOVA, Head of Solstudio textile design
TOPIC: ‘Textile drawing and digital printing on fabric’
  • Textile design – one of the main engines of fashion in recent decades. Kseniya will talk about changes in the perception of textile design, the system of evaluation of textile design, applying a print to the fabric: more details on the types of printing and their differences. She also will share information about digital printing on synthetic and natural tissues: stages, timing, cost.
  • Printing types, their pros and cons in production and care
  • Drawing preparation, file requirements
  • Timing and cost of printing on synthetic and natural fabrics in Russia, Europe and Asia
Participants: ANATOLY KUTNYAKOV, General Director of Mercury Tex Co, TOPIC: Unique technologies for printing on fabrics and material processing for sewing companies
  • Capabilities of production in Russia of membrane and multi-layer materials.
  • New technologies for printing on fabrics: terms, quality and prices.
  • Advantages of Russian production.
SVETLANA PASHKINA, Creative Director of URSUS TOPIC: CANVAS AS AN ART: features of creating of actual designs for the Russian market.
  • The role of design in the success of sales in the Russian market
  • Features of creation of fashionable trends in canvases
  • Features of design development for the children’s market
  • Experience of URSUS in the successful production of fashionable paintings on the Russian market
The event starts at 12:00, on August 29. Venue: Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 7, Hall 2 All are invited to attend. To participate in the events of the Business Program – mandatory electronic registration on the site www.interfabric.ru To register and become a member you can HERE >> The business program of the INTERFABRIC exhibition is available HERE >>
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