A new SOFT TOUCH coating (SFT) from the company of the leading manufacturer of accessories AFA (Lumar Group)

08.08.2017 г.
AFA (Lumar Group) will present a new color map on the color of pullers for zippers at the INTERFABRIC-2017.Autumn exhibition. New SOFT TOUCH (SFT) coating – is a specially elastic rubber-like matte coating. This coating can be ordered on any metal fittings (buttons, eyelets, etc.) AFA Group operates in the industry of zip fasteners and metal accessories since 1994. Today, Afa Group develops its quality concept and produces zippers with the best quality under the Afa brand, which competes with many manufacturers in this sector. Afa zip fasteners comply with TSE and OEKO-TEX standards and have been repeatedly tested in the company itself and in the ITS laboratories. AFA Group has different production lines:
  • Weaving braids,
  • Weaving the cord (100% cotton)
  • Weaving of the cypernet tape (maximum width 6 cm), composition – 100% cotton
  • Coloring (no color restrictions)
  • Manufacture of metal accessories (buttons, buckles, rivets, eyelets, accessories for clothes, buttons, etc.).
  • Full cycle manufacturing of zippers
Our products do not contain harmful substances and in the palette of coloring there are no restrictions. Our technologists colorists will be able to reproduce any color of the braid. If suddenly it turned out that the from company’s color card (and there are 700 colors) YOU did not pick up the color, then specialists can DYE the braid according to the pattern of your fabric. The company can produce molds at will and by SCATCHES of its customers. After the agreement, the plant proceeds to mass production. AFA is able to withstand short delivery times, since we fully develop (design), manufacture and everything in our production. AFA produces 95% of zipper components within its own firm. This allows you to take complete control over the quality of products. Types of zippers produced at the factory: Spiral (twisted) zipper: Type 3, type 5, type 7(all kinds) Braid: usual (polyester), velvet, satin, lace, reflective Type 3 (nylon), type 4 super secret (polyester), type 3 super secret (polyester). Super-hidden zipper is a zipper with a more tight braid Tractor zippers: Type 3, type 5, type 5 (crocodile), type 5 (cone), type 5 (shark tooth), type 8, type 8 (cone), type 10. Metal zipper: Type 1, type 2, type 3, type 5, type 8, type 10. Shoe zipper: Type 7. Waterproof zipper: Type 3, type 5, type 7 (detachable, not detachable, combi), types of these zippers can be: spiral (twisted), tractor zipper or metal zipper. You can get acquainted with the company’s products at the ‘INTERFABRIC-2017.Autumn’ exhibition, from August 28 to August 30, 2017, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion No. 7 Hall 2, Stand С-14. For a free visit to INTERFABRIC, please register and print your personalized e-ticket: http://intertkan.ru/en/visitors/cabinet/ To register and become a participant of the INTERFABRIC exhibition you can HERE …
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