14.05.2024 г.
One of the regular participants of the “INTERFABRIC” exhibition is 3R company, a Russian manufacturer of sewing accessories. For 25 years, the company has been continuously developing technologies in the field of sewing accessories and zippers. The opening of production in 1998 began with the assembly of metal zippers, two years later the assembly of plastic zippers was added, then the assembly of spiral zippers. 

In 2008, the company opened a slider painting site, followed by a textile ribbon painting site ... In 2017, equipment for the manufacture of plastic fittings was installed here for the first time, a year later the production of spiral moisture–resistant zippers began. This year, the company acquired equipment for the production of buttons, cords and textile ribbons.

Today, under a recognizable brand – all products have the 3R logo – the company produces zippers (metal, plastic and spiral), plastic accessories (fastexes, clamps, frames and buckles), textile tape, cords (kipper tape, edging tape, elastic cords and tapes). Accessories are used by more than 500 Russian sewing enterprises. The production capacity is 4.5 thousand square meters. meters and more than 400 units of production equipment allow the company to produce 1 million lightning bolts per month, that is, two hundred thousand products per day. In addition, the production has its own paint shop for braid, which is painted at the request of the client. 

The company has its own testing laboratory and implements a three-stage product quality control system. "Sewing accessories account for no more than 1% of the cost of clothing," says Oleg Lvovich Yudkin, the ideological inspirer of 3R. – It seemed like a small thing. However, the little things not only play an important role – they decide everything!" 

The company itself said that they choose the “INTERFABRIC” exhibition because it is here that the target audience of the enterprise comes.

"Clothing manufacturers visit this exhibition to find new ideas and materials, and we have the opportunity to introduce visitors to our new products and successes," the company says. – A wish to the organizers of the “INTERFABRIC” exhibition: the exhibition is developing, but has not yet reached its peak. I would like to see more participants and visitors. This will directly affect the increase in our potential customers."

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