11 June – The Day of Textile And Light Industry Workers!

08.06.2017 г.

Dear colleagues!

Accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of the professional holiday – the Day of Textile and Light Industry Workers! Our branch, grown on deep historical traditions, remains extremely important in the development of the economy of modern Russia, becoming, in fact, the connecting thread between many branches of the country’s economic complex. Moreover: in many Russian regions textile and light industry is, as before, the city-forming. It is gratifying that in recent years the state has been paying an increasing attention to solving numerous problems of our industry that it inherited from the 1990s. Thus, the volume of state subsidies to competitive enterprises and strategic investment projects is increasing, other forms of state support for the light industry are being applied more widely. This, in turn, has allowed to slow down, and in a number of sectors of the industry – not only to stop the downward trend in production, but also to ensure its growth. And in general, the textile and light industry last year demonstrated, for the first time in many years, a positive trend in many production and economic indicators. Preservation of this trend in the current year and for the future is the most important task of the domestic light industry. In our industry, there are already quite a few enterprises that continue to develop in the conditions of fierce competition, are increasingly mastering the production of innovative products and expanding their niche both on Russian and foreign markets. Meanwhile, such complex problems as modernization of production, increasing the competitiveness of Russian products in the domestic and world commodity markets, increasing the share of high-tech and science-intensive goods in production and marketing, and further development of production localization remain important for the light industry. These and other problems are to be solved together in the near future in order to ensure a sustainable increase in the competitiveness of the entire textile complex of the country. Dear friends! On the occasion of our professional holiday, on behalf of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs  of the Textile and Light Industry , allow me to convey the very kind words of gratitude to the workers of enterprises, labor veterans, in a word – to all who are wholeheartedly and sincerely devoted to their industry, their profession. We wish the teams of enterprises optimism, dynamic development, to all employees – health, prosperity, further creative and productive successes! I hope that the efforts of the business community, the production achievements of the workers of the domestic light industry and the real support of the authorities will allow the textile and light industry to achieve a worthy place in the economy of modern Russia!
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